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was invited. >> reporter: we were the only outside camera crew invited when the energy secretary thanked the linemen, and for the first time in recent history, the utility company is being praised, not criticized. >> we finished our clean-up and restation yesterday. >> reporter: steven chu is giving the unchaining heroes credit for a job well done. lineman don gala -- >> thank you. >> reporter: has been restoring power to customers for nearly 30 years. >> it's just like anybody else. if you show me a little respect i'll go a mile for you. >> reporter: he appreciates the recognition. >> oh man, the certain storm we had. i've been here going on 29 years and it was hard. >> reporter: at the height of superstorm sandy, 44,000 customers were impacted. that was a quarter of dominion power and bge outages. >> it is a change. it's a welcome change. >> reporter: pepco regional president thomas graham says it was a little bit of luck and a lot of preparation. >> feels good but there's also the reality that a lot of customers in other parts of the country are suffering right now. >> reporter: pepco
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1